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Int. J. Quantum Chem.

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Several density functional theory” (DFT) methods are applied to two different reaction channels involving OH• + C6H6, and the results compared with high-level ab initio calculations. The OH• adds directly to one C atom in the first channel, first forming an encounter complex with the OH• poised above the aromatic plane. B3LYP, BH&HLYP, and MPW1K compute an accurate estimate of the overall exothermicity, whereas M05-2X, PBE0, and PBEPBE overestimate this quantity to some degree. With the exceptions of PBEPBE and PBE0, the other methods produce an acceptable barrier to addition. All approaches except BH&HLYP correctly predict an exothermic H• abstraction, although PBEPBE is too exothermic. The BH&HLYP barrier to H• abstraction is too high while the MPW1K, PBE0, and B3LYP values are better, and M05-2X the best.



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