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Sandwich-type clusters with the planar fragment containing a heterometallic sheet have remained elusive. In this work, we introduce the [K(2,2,2-crypt)]4{(Ge9)2[η6-Ge(PdPPh3)3]} complex that contains a heterometallic sandwich fragment. The title compound is structurally characterized by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction, which reveals the presence of an unusual heteroatomic metal planar fragment Ge@Pd3. The planar fragment contains a rare formal zerovalent germanium core and a peculiar bonding mode of sp2-Ge@(PdPPh3)3 trigonal planar structure, whereas the nonagermanide fragments act as capping ligands. The chemical bonding pattern of the planar fragment consists of three 2c-2e Pd-Ge σ-bonds attaching Pd atoms to the core Ge atom, while the binding between the planar fragment and the aromatic Ge9 ligands is provided by six 2c-2e Pd-Ge σ-bonds and two delocalized 4c-2e σ-bonds. The synthesized cluster represents a rare example of a sandwich compound with the heteroatomic metal planar fragment and inorganic aromatic capping ligands.

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