Periodic F-Defects on the MgO Surface as Potential Single-Defect Catalysts with Non-Linear Optical Properties

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Chemical Physics

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NSF, Division of Chemistry (CHE) 1664379


NSF, Division of Chemistry (CHE)




Single-atom catalysis is the ultimate approach in catalysis science which implies the utilization of a catalyst is as efficient as it gets.

In this paper we suggest a new type of a single-atom (or single-defect) catalyst – MgO with periodic defects on the (0 0 1) surface – which possesses noticeable non-linear optical properties. Periodicity of these defects leads to the significant extensive increase in the activity of a catalyst by growth of the concentration of active sites.

In this work we showed the presence of diffuse electride-like multicenter bonds inside every periodic F-center. We also discovered that MgO with periodic defects on the surface gains non-linear optical properties due to electride-like polarizable bonds inside every defect. And most importantly, such defective structures are stable up to 1500 K opening wide range of applications even in extreme conditions.

We considered both multiple (50% surface defects) and rare defects (12.5% surface defects) which are potential single-defect catalysts similar to ones that are reffered as single-atom catalysts.