Algorithms for Diameters of Unicycle Graphs and Diameter-Optimally Augmenting Trees

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Conference Paper

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Haitao Wang https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8134-7409

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International Workshop on Algorithms and Computation 2021



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NSF, Division of Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) 2005323


NSF, Division of Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF)

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We consider the problem of computing the diameter of a unicycle graph (i.e., a graph with a unique cycle). We present an O(n) time algorithm for the problem, where n is the number of vertices of the graph. This improves the previous best O(n log ⁡n) time solution [Oh and Ahn, ISAAC 2016]. Using this algorithm as a subroutine, we solve the problem of adding a shortcut to a tree so that the diameter of the new graph (which is a unicycle graph) is minimized; our algorithm takes O(n2 log⁡ n) time and O(n) space. The previous best algorithms solve the problem in O(n2 log3 n) time and O(n) space [Oh and Ahn, ISAAC 2016], or in O(n2) time and O(n2) space [Bilò, ISAAC 2018].