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Multimedia Tools and Applications


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In this paper, we present an efficient approach to extract local structural color texture features for classifying coral reef images. Two local texture descriptors are derived from this approach. The first one, based on Median Robust Extended Local Binary Pattern (MRELBP), is called Color MRELBP (CMRELBP). CMRELBP is very accurate and can capture the structural information from color texture images. To reduce the dimensionality of the feature vector, the second descriptor, co-occurrence CMRELBP (CCMRELBP) is introduced. It is constructed by applying the Integrative Co-occurrence Matrix (ICM) on the Color MRELBP images. This way we can detect and extract the relative relations between structural texture patterns. Moreover, we propose a multiscale LBP based approach with these two schemes to capture microstructure and macrostructure texture information. The experimental results on coral reef (EILAT, EILAT2, RSMAS, and MLC) and four well-known texture datasets (OUTEX, KTH-TIPS, CURET, and UIUCTEX) show that the proposed scheme is quite effective in designing an accurate, robust to noise, rotation and illumination invariant texture classification system. Moreover, it makes an admissible tradeoff between accuracy and number of features.


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