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Proceedings of the 37th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing


Association for Computing Machinery

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With the increasing workload complexity in modern databases, the manual process of index selection is a challenging task. There is a growing need for a database with an ability to learn and adapt to evolving workloads. This paper proposes Indexer++, an autonomous, workload-aware, online index tuner. Unlike existing approaches, Indexer++ imposes low overhead on the DBMS, is responsive to changes in query workloads and swiftly selects indexes. Our approach uses a combination of text analytic techniques and reinforcement learning. Indexer++ consist of two phases: Phase (i) learns workload trends using a novel trend detection technique based on a pre-trained transformer model. Phase (ii) performs online, i.e., continuous or while the DBMS is processing workloads, index selection using a novel online deep reinforcement learning technique using our proposed priority experience sweeping. This paper provides an experimental evaluation of Indexer++ in multiple scenarios using benchmark (TPC-H) and real-world datasets (IMDB). In our experiments, Indexer++ effectively identifies changes in workload trends and selects the set of optimal indexes.