Crop Physiology Lab

Crop Physiology Lab


The Crop Physiology Laboratory is located in the Research Greenhouse Complex on the campus of Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Here plants (particularly crop plants) are grown in isolated conditions using electric lamps, hydroponic cultures, and often sealed chambers. Since these plants don’t experience the variable factors of sunlight and soil, lab researchers are able to gain more exact data when they manipulate environmental conditions, providing them with a better understanding of how plants grow.

For over thirty years, the laboratory has utilized controlled environments to study a broad range of topics, including:

  • photobiology
  • plant nutrition and hydroponics
  • whole plant photosynthesis
  • plant water relations
  • spectral imaging
  • economic analysis of lighting systems
  • algal biofuels

Publications on this page range from one-page summaries of novel techniques to copies of refereed journal articles.


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