Migrational Movements of Blue Jays West of the 100th Meridian

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North American Bird Bander

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Since the start of the bird-banding program in North America, the movements of Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata) have been of great interest. The first report of bird-banding recoveries by the Biological Survey (Lincoln 1924) listed 38 Blue Jay returns, all from the same station at which they were banded. The second Biological Survey report (Lincoln 1927) listed 11 Blue Jays recovered at places removed from the original banding station, although 219 of the 230 reports still were returns at the original station. Seven of these 11 recoveries were within the same state as the original banding station, with the 4 others all showing southward movements during fall. Two of these recoveries constituted movements of over 667 km. Over the next 15 years, many long-distance movements by banded Blue Jays were reported (e.g., Whittle 1928, Anon. 1929, Roberts 1936, Stoner 1936), as were sightings of large mass movements or migrations of Blue Jays (e.g., Sherman 1931, Tyrrell 1934, Cottam 1937, Broun 1941, Lewis 1942).


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Note: This article appeared in the North American Bird Bander.

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