Effects of Temperature, Light and Water Stress on the Germination of Several Rocky Mountain Conifers

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The effects of temperature, light and water stress on seed germination of several Rocky Mountain conifers were studied. The temperature effect allowed for maximum germination at 25°C and reduced germination to near zero at 10°C. Light was found to be promotive for germination but it was not absolutely necessary for some germination to occur. The effect of water stress was strongest at 10 bars where it kept germination to low levels but it didn't reduce germination as much as 10°C, Water stress of 0 or 5 bars usually was dependent upon temperature and light treatments as to the effect on germination. Each treatments affect on germination changed when the other treatments were simultaneously imposed on the seeds.


This item is a thesis published by a student who attended Utah State University. Abstract can be accessed through the remote link. Fulltext not available online.

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