Correlation of Heat Pulse Velocity Measurements and Transpiration for Aspen, Engelmann Spruce and Subalpine Fir in Northern Utah

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There were 26- aspen, 20 subalpine fir and 20 Engelmann spruce severed at the base, underwater, and suspended in permanent reservoirs at a northern Utah site. The reservoirs were sealed so that all water loss from the reservoirs was due to consumption by the trees. Thermoelectric methodology was used to estimate volumetric flow through the conducting portions of the tree stems. These flow volumes were correlated with actual water losses from the reservoirs. The developed regression equations were Y = 0.2114X^1.1876 for aspen, Y = 0.5428X^1.0929 for fir, and Y = 8.888.3 lnx - 64787.0 for spruce. Correlation coefficients of 0.934, 0.928 and 0.904 were obtained for fir, aspen and spruce, respectively.


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