The Use of Reineke's Stand-Density Index for Uneven-Aged Timber Management


Douglas H. Page

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The paper gives definitions for uneven-aged silviculture, management, management objective, structure, balanced structure, regulation, stocking, and density. The use of Reineke's stand­ density index (SDI) in even-aged stands is described, and it is shown to be additive by diameter class in even-aged and in uneven-aged stands. It is shown that SDI can be used to predict a balanced inverse-J-shaped distribution of diameter classes. SDI is compared to uneven-aged stocking regulation methods based on basal area and "q." SDI may be used to regulate the number of trees by diameter class, and to determine the correct spacing between trees in even-aged groups (and theoretically under single-tree selection). Upper and lower (residual) SDI's may be used as the upper and lower boundaries of stocking between which to manage an uneven-aged stand. Possible methodologies for determining the upper and lower SDI's are presented.


This item is a thesis published by a student who attended Utah State University. Abstract can be accessed through the remote link. Fulltext not available online.

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