Improved architecture designs for a low cost personal remote sensing platform: flight control and safety

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2011 ASME/IEEE International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Washington, DC

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Remote sensing is a field traditionally dominated by expensive, large-scale operations. This paper presents our efforts to improve our unmanned aircraft (UA) platforms for low-cost personal remote sensing purposes. Safety concerns are first emphasized regarding the local airspace and multiple fail-safe features are shown in the current system. Then the AggieAir unmanned system architecture is briefly described including the Paparazzi UA autopilot, AggieAir JAUS implementation, AggieNav navigation unit and payload integration. Some preliminary flight test results and images acquired using an example thermal IR payload system are also shown. Finally Multi-UAV and heterogeneous platform capabilities are discussed with respect to their applications. Based on our approaches on the new architecture design, personal remote sensing on smaller-scale operations can be more beneficial and common.

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