Interference Declination for Dynamic Channel Borrowing Scheme in Wireless Networks

Shakil Ahmed, Utah State University
Mohammad Arif Hossain, Kookmin University
Mostafa Zaman Chowdhury, Khulna University


In modern days, users in the wireless networks are increasing drastically. It has become the major concern for researchers to manage the maximum users with limited radio resource. Interference is one of the biggest hindrances to reach the goal. In this paper, being deep apprehension of the issue, an efficient dynamic channel borrowing scheme is proposed that ensures better Quality of Service (QoS) with interference declination. We propose that if channels are borrowed from adjacent cells, cell bifurcation will be introduced that ensures interference declination when the borrowed channels have same frequency band. We also propose a scheme that inactivates the unoccupied interfering channels of adjacent cells, instead of cell bifurcation for interference declination. The simulation outcomes show acceptable performances in terms of SINR level, system capacity, and outage probability compared to conventional scheme without interference declination that may attract the considerable interest for the users.