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Course Syllabus

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Spring 2014


Growing concerns about how “change” (climate, land-use, population, etc.) will strain our water resources is motivating the need for the next generation of professionals that can innovate the planning and management of these systems. Course topics build on the legacy of research in the water resources systems area and seek to provide a new generation of planners with an enhanced ability to discover and negotiate the highly uncertain tradeoffs we face in balancing the water resources demands of the future. Students will be encouraged to explore what sustainable water management means given conflicting demands from renewable energy systems, ecosystem services, expanding populations, and climate change. Students will learn to develop and apply deterministic and stochastic optimization and simulation models for aiding in water-resources planning and management. This course covers river-basin modeling, including water allocation to multiple purposes, reservoir design and operation, irrigation planning and operation, hydropower-capacity development, flow augmentation, flood control and protection, and urban water supply portfolio management. Student projects will encourage a deeper exploration of topics and tools of interest. Course taught at Cornell University.