Scanning Electron Microscopy


The different aspects of electron backscattering from solid films are calculated in terms of simple analytical models for thin films and bulk targets, for normal and oblique incidence. Well-known models regard only one scattering aspect, e.g.: single Rutherford scattering by Everhart's model, diffusion from a point source by Archard's model, diffusion from sources continuously distributed over the depth of the target by Thümmel's model. A few analytical models have been developed recently regarding single scattering and continuous diffusion, e.g. by Werner and by the author. These models allow us to calculate analytically the backscattering coefficient for bulk targets versus atomic number, for thin films versus thickness and incident electron energy, the angular intensity distribution, the total and angular energy distributions, and the surface density distribution of backscattered electrons. The numerical results of these models are compared with experimental results thus revealing the limits of the present models.

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