“"Worldviews and the American West: The Life of the Place Itself.”

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Journal of Folklore Research

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According to the introduction, Worldviews and the American West began life as a festschrift for Barre Toelken nearly ten years ago. As former Toelken students, the editors anthologized the writings of many prominent western folklorists such as Hal Cannon, James Griffith, Margaret K. Brady, and William A. Wilson on topics near and dear to Toelken’s heart: the west, the idea of place, and worldview—each a heady subject in its own right. In true Toelkenian fashion, the contributors “sought to see with the many ‘native eyes’ that look outward into the western landscape and make different senses of it” (3). Though the publication lacks a dedication page, the sentiment and esteem the contributors have for Toelken is clear in the introductory remarks.