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This report provides a summary of the main results of a household baseline survey carried out in late 2013 in four village development committees (VDC) in Bajura District. A total of 320 households were surveyed with 80 per VDC. Two of the VDCs have been subsequently targeted for interventions related to climate change adaptation, while two VDCs have voluntary agreed to serving as paired “controls.” This baseline survey was undertaken as part of a study entitled, ‘Improving the Resilience of Mixed Farm Systems to Pending Climate Change in Far Western Nepal’, conducted by USU and HKI. The baseline survey was carried out using a household survey instrument. Male and female household heads were interviewed via a semi-structured questionnaire. Questions covered general information concerning household and land resources, annual income and expenditures, participation in community groups, community governance, water resources, livestock production, crop production, food-and health-related problems, needed development support, and information on out-migration of family members.