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In the November 2016 election, Cache County residents will vote on Proposition #11, Formation of the Cache Water District. The question before voters is: Should the Cache Water District be created? Voters can respond “yes” or “no.” The Cache County Water Master Plan was released in 2013. Discussion and analysis conducted through that planning effort suggested that a water conservancy district would be the best organizational structure for Cache County and its municipalities to collectively and cooperatively manage water. Cache County created the Bridgerland Water Conservancy Work Group (BWC Work Group) to draft a purpose statement and bylaws for the district so that voters would have a better understanding of the district’s proposed structure and what it could do. The BWC Work Group chose to have 11 members on the Board of Trustees, 10 elected in non-partisan elections and 1 appointed by the Cache County Council to represent agricultural interests. If approved, the Cache Water District will be the first water conservancy district with an elected board in the state of Utah.

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