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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the Seventh International Science Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

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This paper argues that resilience and adaptability in face of climate change is largely dependent upon the ways in which framing occurs and knowledge is produced and diffused in particular communities and contexts. Climate change problems are contextual, multifaceted and complex, engendering wide variation in social sense making and invoking different formulations of facts and relevant knowledge. Transferring and translating information among different ways of knowing and transforming ways of knowing so that they are more inclusive and accepted is critical to adaptability and resilience. Examples from the American West and Latin America illustrate that only when multiple frames and ways of knowing are incorporated and transformed can policy respond to climate risks related to water resources.


IHDP (International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change) Open Meeting 2009, Bonn, Germany, April 26-30, 2009.