A Comparative, Subregional Analysis of Subsistence Practices in the Bristol Bay Region of Alaska

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Proceedings of the Fourth MMS-AOCS Region Information Transfer Meeting


U.S. Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service Alaska OCS Region

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OCS Study MMS 92-0046

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The Subsistence Division of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has had an active research program in Bristol Bay since 1980. The department has completed baseline studies for most communities in the region which document subsistence harvests and describe subsistence activities. The reports and data base from these studies was provided under contract to the Minerals Management Service (MMS). MMS contracted with us and several colleagues to analyze this data, review secondary literature, and conduct research in seven sample Bristol Bay communities. The purpose of the research is to analyze subregional variations in subsistence activities and the factors affecting those activities. Our research builds upon this work conducted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Subsistence Division and relies upon other research which has attempted to analyze the complexities of Alaskan subsistence economies (Jorgensen 1990, Langdon 1986, Little and Robbins 1984, Luton 1985, Wolfe et al. 1984).


This article is from Technical Report MMS 92-0046. Publisher's PDF available from the Alaska Scientific and Technical Publications Library, Bureau Ocean Energy Management, US Department of the Interior, United States Government. SEE: http://www.boem.gov/Alaska-Scientific-Publications/