Honey Hill: A Systems Analysis for Planning and the Multiple use of Controlled Water Areas

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Report to the Army Corps of Engineers

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The first purpose of this research was to focus attention on ways and means for measuring non-monetary social and environmental costs and benefits and comparing them with costs and benefits measurable in dollars. The second purpose was to develop better ways to plan for the multiple use of water and related land resources, with emphasis on recreation uses. The data on the area were stored, analyzed and displayed using computer graphics techniques developed by the investigators. The study developed sets of quality indices for visual quality, ecological damage, wildlife habitat, etc. Grid areas were evaluated and ranked in terms of various uses, thus laying the basis for a planning evaluation process for site development. A simulation model was developed which allows for comparison of the effects over time of alternative recreation plans. Alternatives were developed and tested in the model utilizing both best professional judgment plans and alternatives derived from a mathematical programming model developed by the authors.

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