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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Charles Swenson


The Aglite system is a three-wavelength lidar plus a suite of instruments for measuring particulate emission levels near agricultural facilities. The lidar performs 3D scans of the air surrounding the facility and maps the concentration of particulates in the atmosphere surrounding the facility with high spatial and temporal resolution. Data from the conventional instruments are used to calibrate the lidar.

The Aglite system includes a retrieval program, which combines the data from the lidar instrument with data from the conventional instruments to produce measurements of particulate concentration values. This thesis describes the design of the lidar data retrieval program, the development and implementation of the algorithm, and the results of measurements made on the initial field campaign. The methodology used by the Aglite system, the details of the retrieval algorithm, and the results of the measurements made by the instrument on its first field campaign are described.