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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Stephen W. Clyde


Software reuse enhances a programmer's productivity and reduces programming errors. Improving software reuse through libraries and frameworks is a vast problem area. This thesis offers an approach to solve two sub-problems within the problem area- to identify the right library components, and to offer code snippets that use the components correctly. The Java API-Aware Code Generation Engine, or JAGE for short, is a prototype system that demonstrates the feasibility of generating semantically valid code snippets consisting of method calls to classes in the J2SDK library.

Developers often search for sample code snippets that describe how to use the library. This thesis describes the design and implementation of JAGE, which allows software developers to use an English sentence to generate helpful code snippets in Java. This thesis also discusses the related concepts in natural-language processing including ontology, Wordnet, and object-orientation in the area of automatic code snippet generation.


This work made publicly available electronically on May 9, 2012.