The Language Teaching Puzzle

Gregory S. Child

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This portfolio is a compilation of beliefs about effective foreign language (FL) teaching. The core of this portfolio is a teaching philosophy, in which theories, such as comprehensible input, teacher and student roles, and activities are explained. The teaching philosophy is accompanied by a reflection of the authors teaching observed from a video. Following the teaching philosophy and personal teaching reflection are three artifacts centered on language, culture, and literacy. The language artifact contains an observational study in which instructors’ practices are compared with their beliefs. The cultural artifact is focused on storytelling. Many civilizations employ storytelling in the form of oral traditions to pass on learning. In the artifact, effectiveness of storytelling as an approach to FL teaching and learning is examined. The literacy artifact is a proposal for a research study. In the proposal, questions are raised about the effectiveness of computer-aided support materials offered to students as they navigate various texts. The final sections of the portfolio contain a “looking forward” section, an annotated bibliography, and references.