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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Kevin Heaslip


Kevin Heaslip


Anthony Chen


Paul Barr


The research presented in this thesis is the result of field data collection conducted by the Utah Local Technical Assistance Program (Utah LTAP) in conjunction with the Utah Department of Transportation. The first step of the research was data collection from 18 road safety audits conducted throughout the state of Utah. These Road Safety Audits (RSA's) provided a wide variety of data that was used for the validation of the road safety audit quantification methodology. The purpose of this research is to provide quantification to the RSA process that will increase the benefits gained from implementing the RSA recommendations. Benefits derived from the implementation of RSA recommendations were found by assessing the change of risk from before and after safety improvements. The RSA quantification tool was developed to analyze projects in both urban and rural settings. The implementation of the RSA tool will help practitioners show the benefits that can be gained from the safety recommendations and help decision makers in allocating funds to the areas that pose the most risk. The tool will show the difference in risk that the improvements make and the cost effectiveness of different project alternatives.