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S. George Ellsworth


S. George Ellsworth


The two communities treated in this thesis, College Ward and Young Ward, are located in the southern section of Cache Valley, Utah, in an area originally known as the L.D.S. Church Farm. In 1877, Mormon President Brigham Young gave the Church Farm as an endowment to help build and maintain the newly-created Brigham Young College, and the land was leased, and later sold, to interested settlers.

Although late in settlement, these wards have a history of occupation and development similar to most local Mormon farm communities, and almost without exception have been populated by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 1936 College Ward, which had included Young Ward until this time, was divided. This division resulted primarily from internal problems arising over locations of church and school buildings. The names for both the College and Young wards came from the Mormon school, the Brigham Young College.

This thesis is principally concerned with the early period of settlement, and the life of the people.



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