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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education


Jerald E. Christiansen


Average monthly values of incoming radiation, extraterrestrial radiation, sunshine, and sky cover frorn 32 climatological stations in the United States were used as a basis to develop radiation equations. Empirical relations between incoming radiation and more commonly available climatic and geographic variables, such as percent of relative sunshine, mean daily sky cover, station elevation and extraterrestrial radiation, were established using an empirical procedure used by Christiansen (1966, 1967) to compute his evaporation and evapotranspiration formulas.

The reliability of the equations developed was deternlined by comparing the computed values of incoming radiation with measured values at Davis, California and for the Republic of Venezuela (Servicio de Meteorologia, 1965).

For comparison, the formulas developed in this study and formulas developed by Fitzpatrick (1965), Black (1954), Glover and McCulloch (cited by Fitzpatrick, 1965) Morton (1965), and Bennett (1965) were applied to Venezuelan incoming solar radiation stations.