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Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Evelyn Hodges Lewis


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In 1942, the Navy Department constructed a Naval Supply Depot at Clearfield, Utah. The northern part of Davis County was still in the grips of the Depression of the 1930's. Therefore, the Public Housing Administration constructed a temporary housing unit of cinderblocks under the authorization of the Lehman Act of 1940 for those who came to the Clearfield area for employment. It was named Anchorage. In 1955, the Federal Government sold Anchorage to Clearfield City for $20,451.70.

Clearfield City hired a crew of three men to maintain the project. The maintenance of the project slowly deteriorated through the years. Major repairs were not completed. Broken glass and puncture weeds were prevalent in the area.

Anchorage was a miniature, semi-isolated village. A grocery store, an elementary school, and a Branch of the L. D. S. Church were established there.

The Audit Reports reveal that Clearfield made a profit from the project. An average year, 1966, shows the city's profit to be $25,915.47.

Clearfield found the repairs of the project to be too costly and in 1967 sold it to the Clearfield Realty for $60,000.00.

The Davis County Community Action Program, the State Division of Welfare, the Spanish-speaking Organization for Community Integrity and Opportunity, NAACP, and the Governor's Committee for Anchorage participated in solving problems which arose for the residents of Anchorage. One month prior to being demolished, nearly all of the residences were vacated and the residents relocated.



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