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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development


Some of the principal objectives of the AF ROTC program are: "to develop those attributes of character, personality and leadership which are essential to an officer of the USAF;" (22, p 3) "to develop the art of influencing people to cooperate enthusiastically in carrying out a mission:" (21, p 1) and "to provide the students with the knowledge and understanding which will enable them to serve as junior officers of the USAF." (22, p 3) The teaching of leadership is difficult due to the abstract nature of the subject. The term is difficult to define. It is a characteristic that can be recognized as a quality in a person, but to determine by what manner it was attained has not been explored scientificallY. This study is to determine if participation in certain extracurricular college activities accompanies the attainment of a high leadership rating in the AF ROTC advanced program.