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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership


Max F. Dalby


The purpose of the study was to make an evaluation of curricula-training effectiveness, applicability, and need for additional training within four of the state-supported college-universities of Utah. The schools researched were Utah State University, the University of Utah, Weber State College, and Southern Utah State College. The descriptive research techniques of a closed-form questionnaire were utilized to obtain informational data for the years 1969-1971 from graduates, faculties, and selected graduates concerning common and traditional curricular areas of Ca) music theory, (b) scoring and arranging, (c) music history, Cd) conducting and rehearsal techniques, (e) vocal methods and materials, (f) instrumental methods and materials, (g) group instruction, (h) private instruction on the major instrument, (i) performance, and (j) minor instrument repair. The data revealed that there was no significant difference in the responses to the questionnaire across graduates, across faculties, across institutions, or across graduates and faculty from the same institution. The conclusions from the study indicated: present training effectiveness is generally excellent in all areas of the music education curricula in all four schools; training is highly applicable; although the training is excellent and applicable, there remains the strong desire by both graduates and faculty for additional training in all areas of curricula with the exception of traditional-music history.



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