A Guide to be used in Evaluating Audio-Visual Aids for use in the Teaching of Industrial Arts in the Junior High Schools of Utah

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Master of Science (MS)


Engineering and Technology Education


William E. Mortimer


To find the beginning of the use of audio-visual aids in the teaching of industrial arts is difficult, if not impossible. The very nature of the work makes the use of audio-visual teaching methods absolutely indispensable. Long before the term "audio-visual aids" had been coined and before any attention had been given to the teaching method, as such, teachers of inudstrial arts were making use of the demonstration, the model, the exhibit, and many other teaching devices since included in the scope of the meaning of audio-visual teaching aids. The objective of this study is to ascertain which one or two, or more, of the many audio-visual aids available to industrial arts teachers, help most to make the subject matter vital and meaningful to the students in each of the subject matter areas included in the industrial arts programs of the junior high schools of Utah.

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