A Study of the Type and Extent of Hearing Loss of Speech Defective Children in the Elementary Schools of Cache County and of the Logan city School Districts

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Master of Science (MS)


Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


E. LeRoi Jones


Many articles and textbooks which have recently been written in the field of speech correction indicate that a high percent of all children who have speech defects also have a hearing deficiency. Some even say that a higher percent of these children have hearing deficiencies than do children who are normal in speech. Because of the great interest which has been aroused in the nature of the problems of the speech defectives, and because of the desire which exists for them to be helped in their handicaps, there is a necessity for their problems to be understood as thoroughly as possible. The present investigation has therefore been undertaken to establish the type and extent of hearing loss in the speech defective children in the first six grades of the elementary schools of Cache County and of the Logan City school districts.

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