Date of Award:


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Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Bedri Cetiner


In this paper, the design, analysis, and characterization of reconfigurable antennas based on radio frequency micro-electro-mechanical systems (RF MEMS) operating in the United States' public safety (PS) bands are presented. The design methodology of these antennas, which are different from the normal antenna design, is also reported. In this thesis, two electrically small reconfigurable antenna designs have been presented, with two and three modes of operation, and central frequencies of 718 and 4960 MHz and of 857,809 and 4960 MHz, respectively. The maximum frequency tunable ratio achieved in these designs is 7. The recongurability between the modes is achieved by one and three RF MEMS switches in all three designs. These switches enable a change in the length of the current flow path, thereby changing the resonance frequencies. The measurement results for impedance and radiation characteristics of the fabricated antennas prototypes are also presented, and agree reasonably well with the simulations results from An-soft HFSS.