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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


William A. Gordon


Soil-Cement is not a new material; its low cost but high quality make it well-known and the use of this material for highway, dam, and airfield purposes increases every year. The origin of the idea of mixing soil and cement to priduce a structural material has not been definitely established; informal records show that mixing soil and cement was tried in Iowa, Ohio, Texas and probably in other places by 1920 (1). Since the first controllled soil-cement construction was carried out near Johnsonville, South Carolina in 1935 (2), soil-cement has been considered a valuable engineering material. It is now an accepted practice to denote the result of adding cement to soil as a soil-cement mixture (3), or in other words, soil-cement is the stabilization of soil with portland cement, and water. As the cement hydrates, the mixtrue becomes a hard, durable paving material (4).