Drainage of the Logan-Hyde Park-Benson Area, Utah

Gordon H. Flammer


B. A. Richeverry in his book, Land Drainage and Flood Protection, states that inadequate drainage causes: (1) a public health menace, (2) an animal health menace, (3) lower grade plant life, (4) inadequate soil aeration, (5) lower soil temperatures, (6) shallow root penetration and, therefore, plant suffering in late summer months from effects of drought, (7) poor soil texture and workability, (8) increased surface washing and erosion of land surface, and (9) alkali and saline conditions, other factors such as poorer roads and highways, decreased tax revenues, ets., might be added to this list. The advantages of aequate drainage are absence of these disadvantages. Many public as well as privae benefits are realised from land drainage.