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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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E. A. Jacobsen


E. A. Jacobsen


J. N. Symons


K. Hendricks


J. Carlisle


H. Hunsaker


This study seeks to present a history of the Teacher Organizations which have functioned in Utah from 1860 to 1940. Since 1892 their association has been known as the Utah Education Association. This study is a phase of the history of education as as such shares in the purposes claimed for such studies. A statement of general purposes of such studies is as follows: 1. To gain a knowledge of the history of the Utah Education Association as an important part of the professional training of the teacher of the school administrator. 2. The history of education is an ally in the scientific study of education rather than a competitor. It enables teachers to avoid the istakes of the past. It serves to present the educational ideals and stardards of other times. 3. The necessity for adequate interpretation of the history of education is emphasized by E. W. Knight: The history of education eables the educational worker to detect fads and frills in whatever form they may appear, and it serves as a necessary preliminary to educational reform. 4. One of the purposes in making this study was to determine what the Utah Education Association conributes to the classroom teachers of Utah. 5. It has been requested by the National Education Association that a study be made of the history of the Utah Education Association.