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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Joseph A. Geddes


Joseph A. Geddes


Today the under-privileged are by no means confined to the mentally and physically handicapped. Since 1929 the number has greatly increased because of our faulty economic and social organization. Many healthy men who are both able and willing to work have been forced into idleness because of inability to secure a position. Extension classes in "Mental Hygiene" and "Social Case Work" conducted under the direction of the head of the Sociology Department of the Utah State Agricultural College during 1934-35, decided to make a study of conditions actually existing among Ogden City's victims of the depression, with particular emphasis on conditions affecting children. Are they well housed? Do they have adequate medical care? Are they well served by the communities' education, religious, and recreational agencies? Are their emotional lives standing the strain well? This study is an attempt to obtain reliable information on these and other closely related questions.



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