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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate


R. W. Woodward


Inheritance of many characters in barley has been studied, and two or more genes have been located in each of the seven pairs of chromosomes. Studies of the mode of inheritance of these characters will aid plant breeders materially in working with plants of diverse genetic make-up. Hybridization followed by selection and testing can improve present varieties by replacing them with new ones having more desirable characters. Barley (Hordeum sp._ is one of the few species of plants widely distributed which is well adapted to genetical analysis. This plant has a lower number of chromosomes, complete self fertility, and a wealth of easily classifiable, hereditary characters. This study represents the data obtained in an investigation of ten characters in barley in the F2 and F3 generations. The nature of the inheritance, genes involved, and possible linkages have been determined.