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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Harold S. Carter


Harold S. Carter


Traffic safety involves accident-free movement of physical entities. It includes all means of transportation and is a function of mobility, an important variable affecting directly the mortality rate and increase of accidents. All transportation groups have coincidentally with or without increase of mobility been attempting to reduce accidents. Those notably succeeding are the shipping, railroad, and airline interests. The operating motor vehicle and pedestrian groups have failed conspicuously.

The early means of attaining a better degree of traffic safety in the motor vehicle and pedestrian groups were based on opinions, and though rational, were incomplete because of the dynamic and static factors involved were not considered as a whole. The real solution lay in coordination and more effective legislation, motor vehicle administration, enforcement, engineering, personnel training, education, and research (6).

The extensive scope of the field of traffic safety engineering could not be completely covered in this thesis; wherefore, and attempt has been made to present the traffic safety situation in Utah and to venture a limited account of traffic safety engineering procedures for solution of a few accident situations.