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Master of Science (MS)




C. J. Sorenson


This study was begun in June 1935, and continued up to and including the fall of 1937. The work was carried out at the Davis county Experiment Farm at Farmington, Utah, with some survey work also having been done in the central and northern parts of the state. This work was made possible through the cooperation of the Entomological and Horticultural Departments of the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station. The green soldier bug, Acrosternum hilaris (Say), is also called the green stinkbug. Thomas Say was the first to describe this insect as belonging to the genus Pentatoma, but in some publications one may find it also listed under genera Nezara and Raphigaster. This insect is a native of this country and was first described in 1831. It is one of the serious insect pests of orchard fruit in Utah, and this study was undertaken for the purpose of learning the life history and feeding habits of the insect in this state.