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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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C. E. McClellan


C. E. McClellan


It is generally conceded by psychologists and educators that interest is the starting point for all learning. Effective application of this principle in educational procedure has, however, proved to be far more difficult than it at first appeared. It has given rise to varying types of schools, teaching methods, programs and practices. The activity program, the vitalized education program, the project method, the problem method, the child centered school, the play-and-learn program, and others have had, and still have, their champions and followers, all flying the banner of Dewey's “Interest and Effort” philosophy. The purpose of the study was to gain information about the interests of adolescent boys in Logan. It was centered upon 4 major aspects of this problem, as follows: 1. Fields of Interest Among Adolescent Boys in Logan. 2. Specific Interests Among Adolescent Boys in Logan. 3. Changes or Shifts in Interests Among Adolescent Boys in Logan. 4. Extremes in Interests Among Adolescent Boys in Logan. These are explained in detail in the introductions of the corresponding sections, I, II, III, and IV, that follow.