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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology


Yun Kim


The purpose of this thesis is to examine how the age structure of Utah's population has changed since the turn of the century and how it is likely to change during the next quarter of a century. It is also to study selected demographic characteristics and special distribution of the aged population of Utah which are fundamental prerequisites to understanding the problems confronting Utah's aged. This study also analyzes some socioeconomic characteristics of the aged population. Some significant findings are inadequate income, inadequate housing, living arrangement, unemployability, etc. Future growth of the aged population was derived from the projection of Utah's population from 1970 to 2000 prepared by a component method of population projection which projects the population by component of birth, death and migra~ion. The projection assumes a declining fertility up to 1985 after which the fertility will remain constant, and declining of mortality and the continuous migration observed during the 1960-70 period.



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