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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Peggy Petrzelka


Peggy Petrzelka


Douglas Jackson-Smith


Amy K. Bailey


Democratization in China has been receiving attention from all over the world. In the US, a large percentage of media reports about China contribute to report democratization related political issues. And as a mainland Chinese citizen living under an undemocratic regime, I have always felt compelled to do research on democratization in China society. This thesis describes a research study conducted to understand how Chinese people understand the notion of democracy, and with this notion how they perceive to democratize their society. The result of this research's analysis shows that Chinese people view democracy similar to a western notion; and they believe to help Chinese public to develop democratic cultural values is the most important in the course of democratizing China society. In common words, to democratize people would eventually democratize the society. This research works on data collected from the internet. The use of internet data is money saving and helps explore research on internet data. This research hopefully can provide a reference view for Chinese people themselves and people who care about China in understanding the current situation and predicting the prospect of democratization in China. And with a better understanding Chinese people might be able to take more strategic steps and earn strategic support from the world in the course of democratization of China's society.



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