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S. George Ellsworth


S. George Ellsworth


The purpose of this study is to examine the settlement and institutions of Elsinore, Utah. The community was founded by Scandinavian converts to the Mormon church in the late Nineteenth Century. Their experience in adapting to the arid region of south central Utah is a chapter in the general movement by the Mormons to settle the Mountain West. The historical method was utilized to uncover extant documents on the subject. Interviews were held with the oldest citizens of the community and those who had a vast knowledge of the town. A period of three months was spent living in Elsinore and associating with the citizens. Present problems facing the town were examined along with the historic problems of the community. The study of Elsinore shows how an alien people adapted to the arid south central region of Utah by adhering to the guidance of the Mormon church. These Scandinavians accepted and rejected some of the Mormon institutions after experience with them. The assimilation of these people was delayed by the people themselves with the creation of institutions protecting their culture. Eventually, the people of Elsinore were assimilated into the broad American mass by attrition and loss of cultural symbols.




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