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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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Botany and Plant Pathology


E. L. Waldee


Celery mosaic 1s e virus disease of major economic importance in Utah. In yeare of severe epiphytotics. it has been a limiting factor in celery production. In 1947 losses due to this disease were estimated to exeed 8 per cent of the total crop (17). This estimate does not include losses resulting from reduction in grade or from plants discarded in the packing sheds. The celery acreage in Utah dropped from a high of 950 acres in 1946 to 750 acre. in 1947 and dropped again in 1948 to 420 acres. Leaders in the industry attributed this reduction in Acreage, in part at least, to losses incurred by the growers from celery mosaic.