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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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Reed Durtschi


Reed Durtschi


The product sugar is studied in detail with special emphasis on supply and demand factors, in an attempt to better understand the abnormal sugar market of 1963-1964. The unusual market fluctuations of that period appear to have been initiated by a statistical imbalance in world supply and demand of sugar. The extent of price fluctuations in the united states during 1963-1964 we accentuated by the inability of current sugar legislation to shield the U.S. market from the world market, and by the openly aggressive purchasing policies followed by the U.S. department of agriculture which further aggravated an already thin and inflated world sugar market. There is also evidence that excessive market activity on the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange by the nonprofessional group of buyers contributed additional instability to the sugar market, along with the scare buying and hoarding which were common in the U.S. especially during the critical days of 1963.