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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Family and Child Development


Don C. Carter


Purpose was to collect and sample the attitudes of "blue collar" adolescents toward the employment of women and child rearing practices. Data were from 304 adolescents whose father s fit the requirements of being "blue collar." A questionnaire was administered that asked for attitudes and reactions to questions related to the employment of a woman through the normal stages of a family cycle and for attitudes related to child rearing practices.

The attitudes of the "blue collar" adolescents were then compared to findings recorded in a similar study that dealt with the attitudes of rural adolescents toward the employment of women. It was hypothesized that attitudes toward the employment of women would be influenced by the age and sex of the adolescents of the ''blue collar" family; that the attitudes of the adolescent would be influenced by t he occupation and employment history of his mother and that the attitudes of the adolescents from the "blue collar" family would be different from those of adolescents in a rural environment. The hypotheses were s upported by the data from this study. With respect to child rearing practices, the females have much more positive attitudes toward child rearing practices than was true of the males.