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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development


Jane McCullough


The data for this research were taken from Utah's contribution to the regional research project "An Interstate Comparison of Urban/Ruxal Families' Time Use." Data were collected between May 1977 and August 1978 from 210 two-parent/ two-child families. Tlus thesis research studied the rel3.tionsbip between olVners lup and use of nine selected household appliances and time spent on the related housekeeping tasks for 208 of the families studied. Statistical analysis was done using t-tests for comparisons of time spent on the related task by owners and non-owners of each appliance. Analysis of variance was used to compare time spent on combined activities with ownerslup of differing numbers of appliances . The relationship between frequency of use and time spent on tasks was measured us ing the Pearson Product Moment correlation. The hypotheses tested werc: 1. Ownership of home care equipment is not related to the amollnt of time spent in home care tasks . 2. Heported llse of home care eqllipment is not related to the amollfit of time spent in home care tasks . Hypothesis Number 1 was accepted for all rela tionships tested with the exception of the dishwasher and time spent in dishwashing and the sewing machine and time spent in construction of clothing and household linens . The results indicated that the homemal(ers Wl10 owned a dishwasher spent less time in clishwashing than did non-owners. This was not true of the spouses , who spent very little time in dishwashing under either circumstance . The homemalmrs who owned a sewing machine spent conSiderably more time in construction of clothing and household linens than non-owners . When families were grouped by the number of appliances oÄÄ~led , no statistically significant relationships were found to exist between the nwnber of appliances owned and the total time spent in home care tasks . Generally, thoso who owned many or few of the appliances spent more time in home care activities than did owners of four or five of tbe appliances Jlypothesis Number 2 was rejected for the relationships between dishwasher llse and spouse time spent in dishwashing , sewing machine use and hornemal