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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Family and Human Development

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Ann Austin


Ann Austin


This thesis answers the following questions: (a) Is the Play Assessment Scale a true measure of development? (b) Does the mother have a significant, positive influence on the child's level of development? (c) Does the mother's interactional style influence the child's development as measured by the Play Assessment Scale and the Battelle Developmental Inventory? The subjects were 13 visually impaired preschoolers. Development was measured with the Play Assessment Scale and the Battelle Developmental Inventory. Maternal interactional style was assessed with the Parent / Caregiver Involvement Scale. The study indicated that the Play Assessment Scale is a valid, reliable measure of development in the preschool child. Mother was able to significantly raise the child's developmental level through play. And, maternal interaction style appeared to be sensitive to the child's level of development . To highlight the developmental importance of interaction in the context of play, an interactive paradigm was used to answer the three questions posed by the study.