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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Family and Human Development

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Don C. Carter


Don C. Carter


The purpose of this study was to investigate the reactions of mothers to their handicapped child to determine if there is an association between visible and non-visible handicaps, and the mother's reaction to the handicapped child.

A null hypothesis was employed which asserted that the mother's reaction to the handicapped child would not be related to the visible nature of the handicap. It was further hypothesized that the variables of mother's age at the birth of the handicapped child, education, and rigidity, child's birth order and the husband's occupation would be unrelated to the mother's reaction to her child

The population consisted of 18 mothers of deaf children and 17 mothers of children with visible physical handicaps. The data were collected by use of a questionnaire administered to the mothers in their homes.

Using a chi-square analysis the findings reject the null hypothesis and show that mothers of children with a visible handicap are more accepting of their children than are mothers of children with non-visible handicaps. Of the other variables only the husband's occupation showed a statistically significant relationship to the mother's acceptance of her handicapped child.